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According to leading research firm Gartner, companies devote only 16.6% of their internal staff operating expenses to software development.

Chances are, this is because many IT departments are focusing on the only the everyday, necessary tasks. This leaves little time to devote to the creation of innovative solutions that would help an organization stay ahead of its competition.

Mercury Solutions is an IT department for hire, allowing your company to choose which tasks we perform. If your organization already has an IT department, utilizing Mercury Solutions' services will allow you to put your IT team to work at what they're best at, with our IT specialists keeping things running smoothly by maintaining and performing the everyday tasks. If your company does not have an IT team, outsourcing with Mercury Solutions can give you the opportunity to do so without having the expense of on-site production.

Mercury Solutions specializes in the following outsourcing services:

Mercury Solutions is a customizable service. This means that your company can pick and choose which services to utilize, giving you one monthly fee. No overhead, no overtime: only dependable, affordable, and the highest quality service.

Mercury Solutions. Technology Powered by Wings.